Drug Use and Excessive Alcohol Epidemiology: Surveillance, Prevention, and Emerging Methods
Sunday, June 9, 2013: 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
101 (Pasadena Convention Center)
CSTE is offering a workshop on public health surveillance of drug use, excessive alcohol use and related harms. The rapid rise in opioid analgesic use and related mortality demonstrate the need for public health action in monitoring and addressing emerging trends. Excessive alcohol use is responsible for approximately 80,000 deaths per year and cost the U.S. approximately $223.5 billion in 2006.  It is therefore important for epidemiologists working in local, state, and federal health agencies to be familiar with public health surveillance techniques and evidence-based prevention strategies for addressing these critical public health issues.

This workshop will feature subject matter experts who will discuss public health surveillance methods and findings on drug use and excessive alcohol use as well as more advanced topics, including evidence-based prevention strategies. With morning and afternoon sessions, the workshop will consist of didactic and interactive presentations interspersed with small discussion groups.

This workshop will be useful both for public health professionals with limited experience in drug use and excessive alcohol use epidemiology, as well as those with advanced expertise in these areas.

CSTE Staff Contact:
Annie Tran

  • Understand basic alcohol and drug use surveillance activities that can be conducted within a health department and align these basic approaches across jurisdictions,
  • Become knowledgeable of current evidence-based prevention strategies that can be implemented to address drug and alcohol-related issues,
  • Learn new methodology and measurement tools for addressing emerging drug and alcohol-related public health issues, such as using spatial analysis to monitor alcohol outlet density or utilizing prescription drug monitoring systems to help reduce opioid analgesic misuse and decrease the risk of overdose,
  • Provide a forum for discussing recent advances in public health surveillance and in the epidemiology of drug use and excessive alcohol use, as well as opportunities for collaboration between public health professionals working in these areas.

8:00 AM
Welcome, introductions, and workshop overview

8:30 AM
Excessive Alcohol Use Surveillance 101

9:40 AM
Facilitated Discussion

10:00 AM
Morning Break (refreshments provided by CSTE)

10:30 AM
Drug & Poisoning Surveillance 101

11:40 AM
Facilitated Discussion

12:00 PM
Lunch (on your own)

1:30 PM
Prevention Strategies – Alcohol Policies

2:15 PM
Prevention Strategies – Naloxone Use

3:00 PM
Afternoon Break (refreshments provided by CSTE)

3:30 PM
Emerging Methods –Alcohol Outlet Density

4:00 PM
Emerging Methods – Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs

4:30 PM
Facilitated Discussion

5:15 PM

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