Challenges of CDC's 1305 Grant Performance Measures and Reporting

Tuesday, June 24, 2014: 1:00 PM
Gospel, Renaissance Hotel
Khosrow Heidari , South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, Columbia, SC
Renee Calanan , Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Denver, CO
While preparing to respond to the CDC 1305 grant progress reporting, program staff, evaluators and epidemiologists at state health departments found themselves working very hard to understand what has been asked of their programs, examining various strategies and exhausting a great deal of time and energy to locate the appropriate data sources to prepare their performance measures and work plan accurately. During this round table discussion, participants will have a chance to review their common challenges and share their solutions. The intended participants of round table discussion include those who:
  • Were not totally satisfied with their state’s responses to some of the 1305 performance measures,

  • Received some interesting reaction on their first year work plan or progress report from funder,

  • Have some unresolved concerns with their state’s performance measures and evaluation plan,

  • Are not ready to tackle the challenges of the new funding cycle, and/or

  • Are interested in brainstorming on how to address 1305 performance measure reporting requirements.

During this round table, we will review states' activities, challenges, and successes while completing the first year progress report and preparing the details of the year 2 work plan, focusing on performance measure reporting. After our review, we will discuss year 2 activities and imagine what we will need to enhance and complete our reporting. We will inventory our wishes, wants, and needs, and then share them for reaction and voting to prioritize what to focus on during 2014-2015 within a proposed CSTE 1305-focused workgroup. Sharing experiences, ideas, and solutions from all states will be extremely important, whether receiving basic or enhanced funding.