Infectious Disease
Tuesday, June 24, 2014: 3:30 PM-4:00 PM
East Exhibit Hall (Nashville Convention Center)
Board #123
ID: 2907
Continuum of Hepatitis C Testing and Care in Philadelphia
Kendra M Viner, Philadelphia Department of Public Health

Board #124
ID: 2912
Norovirus Outbreak in Springfield, Missouri August 2013
Kendra D Findley, Springfield-Greene County Health Department

Board #125
ID: 3333
Is There Something Fishy about Campylobacteriosis?
Marifi J Pulido, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

Board #128
ID: 3672
Using Multiple Sources of Surveillance Data to Attribute Foodborne Illnesses
Antonio R. Vieira, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Board #129
ID: 3718
Board #130
ID: 2849
North Texas Measles Outbreak, 2013
Russ Jones, Tarrant County Public Health

Board #131
ID: 3048
Board #133
ID: 3552
Board #134
ID: 3642
Board #135
ID: 3697
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