Ali Hamade

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services
3601 C Street
State Public Health Agency
Anchorage, AK

241 Evaluation of the Alaska Lead Surveillance Program
Watering Garden Vegetables with Trichloroethylene-Contaminated Water: An Example of Semi-Quantitative Risk Assessment
Suspected Palytoxin Inhalation Exposures Associated with Zoanthid Corals in Home and Commercial Aquariums in Alaska
Experience Publishing MMWR Report about Suspected Palytoxin Inhalation Exposures Alaska, 2012-2014
Comparison of Two Lead Models for Evaluation of Environmental Exposure Scenarios
Human Health Assessment for the Use of Salt Chuck Mine Area for Recreational and Traditional Purposes
Updating the Alaska Fish Consumption Guidelines: A Risk Management Strategy
Investigation of Arsenic Exposure from Private Well Water, Interior Alaska, 2016